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The center is home to the largest cluster of scholars studying contemporary China in the U.S. and hosts a vibrant community of nonresident and visiting scholars who collaborate with our faculty.


  • Tai Ming Cheung

    Tai Ming Cheung

    Director, Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation
    Professor, GPS, UC San Diego

  • Michael Davidson

    Michael Davidson

    Assistant Professor, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Harris Doshay

    Harris Doshay

    Assistant Director, Research and Writing, 21st Century China Program, GPS
  • Karl Gerth

    Karl Gerth

    Hwei-Chih and Julia Hsiu Professor of History, UC San Diego; Director, Chinese Studies Program
  • Lei Guang

    Lei Guang

    So Family Executive Director of the 21st Century China Center, GPS UC San Diego
  • Jade d’Alpoim Guedes

    Jade d’Alpoim Guedes

    Associate Professor of Anthropology, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and UC San Diego
  • Ruixue Jia

    Ruixue Jia

    Assistant Professor of Economics, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Ping-hui Liao

    Ping-hui Liao

    Professor of Literary and Critical Studies and Chuan Lyu Endowed Chair in Taiwan Studies, UC San Diego
  • Lei Liang

    Lei Liang

    Professor of Music, UC San Diego
  • Richard Madsen

    Richard Madsen

    Director, Fudan-UC Center on Contemporary China
    Distinguished Professor of Sociology, UC San Diego
  • David Michael

    David Michael

    Professor of Practice, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Micah Muscolino

    Micah Muscolino

    Professor and Paul G. Pickowicz Endowed Chair in Modern Chinese History, UC San Diego
  • Barry Naughton

    Barry Naughton

    So Kwan Lok Professor of Chinese International Affairs, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Kwai Ng

    Kwai Ng

    Associate Professor of Sociology, UC San Diego
  • Paul Pickowicz

    Paul Pickowicz

    Distinguished Professor of History and Chinese Studies, UC San Diego
  • Margaret Roberts

    Margaret Roberts

    Associate Professor of Political Science, UC San Diego
  • Kuiyi Shen

    Kuiyi Shen

    Professor of Art History, UC San Diego
  • Weiyi Shi

    Weiyi Shi

    Assistant Professor, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Victor Shih

    Victor Shih

    Ho Miu Lam Chair in China and Pacific Relations, Associate Professor of Political Science, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Susan Shirk

    Susan Shirk

    Chair, 21st Century China Center, GPS, UC San Diego
    Research Professor, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Yang (Young) Yang

    Yang (Young) Yang

    Research Data Analyst, 21st Century China Center and China Data Lab, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Yingjin Zhang

    Yingjin Zhang

    Distinguished Professor of Modern Chinese Literature and Chair, Department of Literature, UC San Diego

Affiliated Faculty

  • Peter Cowhey

    Peter Cowhey

    Dean and Qualcomm Chair Emeritus, UC San Diego
  • Joshua Graff Zivin

    Joshua Graff Zivin

    Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs
    School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego
  • Stephan Haggard

    Stephan Haggard

    Lawrence and Sallye Krause Professor of Korea-Pacific Studies; Director, Korea-Pacific Program
    School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego
  • Megumi Naoi

    Megumi Naoi

    Assistant Professor of Political Science, UC San Diego
  • David Victor

    David Victor

    Professor; Co-director, Laboratory on International Law and Regulation
    School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego

Nonresident Scholars

  • Erin Baggott Carter

    Erin Baggott Carter

    Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Southern California

    Research areas: Chinese politics, foreign policy, propaganda, and U.S.-China relations
  • Mark Cohen

    Mark Cohen

    Distinguished Senior Fellow, UC Berkeley School of Law

    Research areas: intellectual property, trade
  • Keith Hand

    Keith Hand

    Professor of Law and Director of the East Asian Legal Studies Program, UC Hastings College of the Law

    Research areas: legal reform, constitutional law, criminal justice, law and society
  • Thilo Hanemann

    Thilo Hanemann

    Research Director, Rhodium Group

    Research areas: trade, capital flows, China’s outbound investments and related policies
  • Haifeng Huang

    Haifeng Huang

    Associate Professor of Political Science, UC Merced

    Research areas: opinion formation, propaganda, media freedom, political trust
  • Xiaojun Li

    Xiaojun Li

    Associate Professor of Political Science, University of British Columbia

    Research areas: globalization, trade, and business & politics
  • Steven Liao

    Steven Liao

    Assistant Professor of Political Science, UC Riverside

    Research areas: international migration, big data in trade, Renminbi internationalization
  • Peter Lorentzen

    Peter Lorentzen

    Professor of Economics, University of San Francisco

    Research areas: economics of information, incentives, and institutions applied to development and governance
  • Jennifer Pan

    Jennifer Pan

    Assistant Professor of Communication, Stanford University

    Research areas: authoritarian politics, political communication, censorship and propaganda
  • Rachel Stern

    Rachel Stern

    Professor of Law and Political Science, UC Berkeley School of Law

    Research areas: Mainland and Hong Kong law, legal institution building, political space, and professionalization
  • Yang Su

    Yang Su

    Associate Professor of Political Science, UC Irvine

    Research areas: social movements and collective action, political sociology, political transition
  • Yeling Tan

    Yeling Tan

    Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Oregon

    Research areas: international and comparative political economy, China and the developing world
  •  Samantha Vortherms

    Samantha Vortherms

    Assistant Professor of Political Science, UC Irvine

    Research areas: comparative political economy, local government, and citizenship
  • Alex Wang

    Alex Wang

    Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law

    Research areas: social effects of law, and the interaction of law and institutions
  • Feng Wang

    Feng Wang

    Professor of Sociology, UC Irvine

    Research areas: comparative demographic processes, social inequality in state socialisms, contemporary Chinese society
  • Yanhui Wu

    Yanhui Wu

    Associate Professor of Economics & Management and Strategy, HKU Business School

    Research areas: economics and politics of mass communication, digital economy

  • Yang Xie

    Yang Xie

    Assistant Professor of Economics, UC Riverside

    Research areas: political and comparative economics, environmental and resource economics
  • Yiqing Xu

    Yiqing Xu

    Assistant Professor of Political Science, Stanford University

    Research areas: political science methodology, Chinese politics, and their intersection
  • Clair Zhuqing Yang

    Clair Zhuqing Yang

    Assistant Professor, Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington

    Research areas: political economy, development, economic impact of political institutions