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Nonresident Scholars

The center's non-resident scholars are China experts from West Coast educational or research institutions. Their participation in the center’s activities and projects increases the depth and scope of the center's research and policy engagement.

  • Erin Baggott Carter

    Erin Baggott Carter

    Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Southern California

    Research areas: Chinese politics, foreign policy, propaganda, and U.S.-China relations

  • Mark Cohen

    Mark Cohen

    Distinguished Senior Fellow, UC Berkeley School of Law

    Research areas: intellectual property, trade

  • Keith Hand

    Keith Hand

    Professor of Law and Director of the East Asian Legal Studies Program, UC Hastings College of the Law  

    Research areas: legal reform, constitutional law, criminal justice, law and society

  • Thilo Hanemann

    Thilo Hanemann

    Research Director, Rhodium Group

    Research areas: trade, capital flows, China’s outbound investments and related policies

  • Haifeng Huang

    Haifeng Huang

    Associate Professor of Political Science, UC Merced

    Research areas: propaganda, media freedom, political trust, international information exposure, misinformation

  • Xiaojun Li

    Xiaojun Li

    Associate Professor of Political Science, University of British Columbia

    Research areas: globalization, trade, and business & politics

  • Steven Liao

    Steven Liao

    Assistant Professor of Political Science, UC Riverside

    Research areas: international migration, big data in trade, Renminbi internationalization

  • Peter Lorentzen

    Peter Lorentzen

    Professor of Economics, University of San Francisco

    Research areas: economics of information, incentives, and institutions applied to development and governance

  • Jennifer Pan

    Jennifer Pan

    Assistant Professor of Communication, Stanford University

    Research areas: authoritarian politics, political communication, censorship and propaganda

  • Rachel Stern

    Rachel Stern

    Professor of Law and Political Science, UC Berkeley School of Law

    Research areas: Mainland and Hong Kong law, legal institution building, political space, and professionalization.

  • Yang Su

    Yang Su

    Associate Professor of Political Science, UC Irvine

    Research areas: social movements and collective action, political sociology, political transition

  • Yeling Tan

    Yeling Tan

    Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Oregon

    Research areas: international and comparative political economy, China and the developing world

  • Samantha Vortherms

    Samantha Vortherms

    Assistant Professor of Political Science, UC Irvine

    Research areas: comparative political economy, local government, and citizenship

  • Alex Wang

    Alex Wang

    Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law

    Research areas: social effects of law, and the interaction of law and institutions

  • Feng Wang

    Feng Wang

    Professor of Sociology, UC Irvine

    Research areas: comparative demographic processes, social inequality in state socialisms, contemporary Chinese society

  • Yanhui Wu

    Yanhui Wu

    Associate Professor of Economics & Management and Strategy, HKU Business School

    Research areas: economics and politics of mass communication, digital economy

  • Yang Xie

    Yang Xie

    Assistant Professor of Economics, UC Riverside

    Research areas: political and comparative economics, environmental and resource economics

  • Yiqing Xu

    Yiqing Xu

    Assistant Professor of Political Science, Stanford University

    Research areas: political science methodology, Chinese politics, and their intersection

  • Clair Zhuqing Yang

    Clair Zhuqing Yang

    Assistant Professor, Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington

    Research areas: political economy, development, economic impact of political institutions