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Review highlights at the Center and commentary of our experts in the press.

Why China’s prized booze company is helping bail out a highway builder
Sept. 18, 2020, Victor Shih quoted in Quartz

As Decoupling Grows, the West Risks Losing Insight Into China
Sept. 23, 2020, Susan Shirk cited in Foreign Policy

The same problems plaguing the yuan will plague China’s digital currency
Sept. 9, 2020, Victor Shih quoted in Quartz

‘Decoupling’ the U.S. from China would backfire
Sept. 8, 2020, Peter Cowhey quoted in Washington Post column

China Politics Expert Shirk on Xi Jinping and Wang Yi (VIDEO)
Sept. 7, 2020, Susan Shirk interviewed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia

West taking big risk shutting out students from China
Sept. 3, 2020, Gaurav Khanna quoted in the Asia Times

Third Annual Bloomberg New Economy Forum to Virtually Convene This November, Calling on Global Business and Government Leaders to Shape ‘Our New Economy’ in a Post-Covid World
Sept. 2, 2020, Susan Shirk mentioned in PR Newswire

Opinion: China’s economy may be back on track, but problems plague it elsewhere
Sept. 1, 2020, Susan Shirk quoted in MarketWatch

Pulse on China

"Pulse on China” features original analysis of Chinese language media’s coverage of key developments related to China and U.S.-China relations. Research and analysis are conducted by graduate students with native Chinese language skills who focus on the study of Chinese politics, economy, business, and society.

Pulse on China: Hong Kong’s National Security Law
Aug. 31, 2020 | By Sonia Tan and Lingxiao Chen

Pulse on China: Chinese Analysis of COVID-19’s Impact on the Economy
Oct. 20, 2020 | By Yucong Li and Mengtian Wenren


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