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Review highlights at the Center and commentary of our experts in the press.

The United States Does Not Need to Contain China
Nov. 25, 2022, Susan Shirk quoted in the National Interest

Violent Protests Erupt at Apple’s Main iPhone Plant in China
Nov, 22, 2022, Barry Naughton quoted in Bloomberg (Also in Entrepreneur, The BL)

US should walk the walk on no new Cold War
Nov. 18, 2022, Susan Shirk quoted in the China Daily

Between Chinese Overreach and American Overreaction
Nov. 15, 2022, Susan Shirk quoted in the National Interest

UCSD Prof. Susan Shirk on Markets under US-China Tension
Nov. 15, 2022, Susan Shirk quoted in Bloomberg Daybreak (video)

China's Economy Weakens as Retail Sales Slide. Mixed Signals on Covid Adds to the Pressure.
Nov. 15, 2022, Victor Shih quoted in Barron's

The U.S. is reducing its reliance on China for green technology. Could that slow progress on climate change?
Nov. 12, 2022, Michael Davidson quoted in Grid

With Biden and Xi to meet, China warns U.S. on Taiwan briefing
Nov. 11, 2022, Susan Shirk quoted in Reuters (also in Financial Post, Port Macquarie News)

Will Xi take a new economic direction? China has trillions at stake.
Nov. 10, 2022, Victor Shih quoted in Atlantic Council  

Pulse on China

"Pulse on China” features original analysis of Chinese language media’s coverage of key developments related to China and U.S.-China relations. Research and analysis are conducted by graduate students with native Chinese language skills who focus on the study of Chinese politics, economy, business, and society. 


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