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Review highlights at the Center and commentary of our experts in the press.

The strategic thinking behind the EU-China investment deal
Jan. 26, 2021, Susan Shirk quoted in Modern Diplomacy 

What Trump's Declassified Asia Strategy May Mean For U.S.-China Relations Under Biden
Jan. 23, 2021, Susan Shirk quoted in NPR

China reckons US democracy is imploding but could be missing the point
Jan. 20, 2021, Susan Shirk quoted in the South China Morning Post 

Xi’s no fool — he knows post‑virus China needs new friends
Jan. 17, 2021, Susan Shirk quoted in The Times (UK) 

The 2021 Red Paper
Jan. 16, 2021, Susan Shirk mentioned in SupChina

How China Won Trump’s Trade War and Got Americans to Foot the Bill
Jan. 11, 2021, Kyle Handley’s research mentioned in Bloomberg

The Danger of Exaggerating China’s Technological Prowess 
Jan. 8, 2020, Peter Cowhey and Susan Shirk write in The Wall Street Journal

The tech war is the one to watch
Jan. 7, 2021, Barry Naughton quoted in Newsroom

Pulse on China

"Pulse on China” features original analysis of Chinese language media’s coverage of key developments related to China and U.S.-China relations. Research and analysis are conducted by graduate students with native Chinese language skills who focus on the study of Chinese politics, economy, business, and society.


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