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Review highlights at the Center and commentary of our experts in the press.

Twilight of Entrepreneurs in China as More Leave the Country
Sept. 8, 2022, Victor Shih and Barry Naughton quoted in The New York Times

China Party Congress to Offer Clues on Overhaul of Economic Team
Aug. 31, 2022, Victor Shih featured on the Yahoo! News

The Grand Race For Techno-Security Leadership
Aug. 31, 2022, Tai Ming Cheung co-authored a commentary on War On The Rocks

China’s bad debt fund managers falter, can’t save themselves, much less save developers in trouble
Aug. 29, 2022, Victor Shih featured on the BL

China’s Bad Debt Funds Are No White Knights in Property Crisis
Aug. 26, 2022, Victor Shih featured on the Bloomberg

Xi taking China back to personalistic dictatorship: Report
Aug. 24, 2022, Susan Shirk interviewed by Punjab News Express

For China's Top Leaders — Other Than Xi — Age Is More Than Just a Number
Aug. 23, 2022, Susan Shirk quoted in Voice of America

Fixing the climate crisis will require local experimentation and solutions
Aug. 22, 2022, David Victor featured on the Brookings Dollar & Sense (PODCAST)

China is the U.S.’s techno-security bogeyman
Aug. 19, 2022, Tai Ming Cheung featured on the SupChina

China, U.S. Trade Climate Barbs as Ties Fray
Aug. 18, 2022, Michael Davidson quoted in The Wall Street Journal

Could China’s mortgage boycotts threaten the global economy?
Aug. 17, 2022, Victor Shih featured on the Economists Money Talks (PODCAST)

Michael Davidson: «La Chine doit intégrer le charbon dans sa transition énergétique»
Aug. 17, 2022, Michael Davidson featured in l’Opinion (French)

How Rising U.S.-China Tensions May Hurt Efforts to Fight Climate Change
Aug. 11, 2022, Michael Davidson quoted in Time

On GPS: Should the US defend Taiwan if China attacks?
Aug. 8, 2022, Susan Shirk featured on Global Public Square (VIDEO)

U.S.-China tensions rise over Taiwan
Aug. 7, 2022, Susan Shirk featured on Global Public Square (PODCAST)

President Xi Jinping may use Pelosi's visit to Taiwan to 'create a new normal': Expert
Aug. 5, 2022, Susan Shirk featured on Yahoo! Finance (VIDEO)

Coalitions of the weak: Elite politics in China from Mao’s stratagem to the rise of Xi
Aug. 4, 2022, Victor Shih featured by Atlantic Council’s Global China Hub (VIDEO)

Reason behind Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan visit and why China has issued threats | Explained
Aug. 3, 2022, Susan Shirk quoted in India Today

Why was Pelosi’s Taiwan trip a big deal? Here are three reasons, according to experts
Aug. 3, 2022, Susan Shirk quoted in McClatchy DC

What you need to know about Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan
Aug. 3, 2022, Susan Shirk quoted in CNN

What 3 past Taiwan Strait crises can teach us about U.S.-China tensions today
Aug. 2, 2022, Susan Shirk quoted in NPR

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