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Review highlights at the Center and commentary of our experts in the press.

US-Bound Chinese Migrants Lose Visa-Free Entry to Key Transit Country
June 21, 2024, Victor Shih quoted by Newsweek

Accelerating the Clean Energy Revolution by Working with China
June 20, 2024, David Victor and Michael Davidson featured by UCSD Today

Accelerating the clean energy revolution by working with China
June 18, 2024, full piece by David G. Victor and Michael R. Davidson on Brookongs

Study Reveals Increasing Polarization in Climate Change Coverage Between Elite and Heartland News Sources
June 17, 2024, David Victor featured by UCSD Today

Unleashing “new quality productive forces”: China’s strategy for technology-led growth
June 4, 2024, Barry Naughton is quoted by Brookings

American students have soured on China. That's bad for the US 
May 21, 2024, Susan Shirk wrote in the Washington Post

Why is the U.S. helping China undermine global innovation?
May 20, 2024, Mark Cohen wrote in the Center Square

The High Costs of Tariffs without End
May 19, 2024, Victor Shih wrote in the Wire China

How tariffs threaten Biden’s climate goals
May 15, 2024, David Victor quoted by Politico

New Tariffs Favor ‘Beating China’ Over Decarbonization
May 15, 2024, Victor Shih quoted by Forbes

Why Is The US Helping China Undermine Global Innovation?
May 14, 2024, Mark Cohen wrote on International Business Times

Xi's unusual trip to Europe
May 12 , 2024, Susan Shirk interviewed by Fareed Zakaria, CNN GPS

[PDF] Record Number of Submissions Received for the 2023 China Focus Essay Contest
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"Pulse on China” features original analysis of Chinese language media’s coverage of key developments related to China and U.S.-China relations. Research and analysis are conducted by graduate students with native Chinese language skills who focus on the study of Chinese politics, economy, business, and society. 


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