In coronavirus outbreak, China’s leaders scramble to avert a Chernobyl moment
Jan. 29, 2020, Victor Shih quoted in The Washington Post

Trump Signs China Trade Deal, Putting Economic Conflict on Pause
Jan. 15, 2020, Susan Shirk quoted in The New York Times

Harvard Project Releases New Paper on Creating Subnational Climate Institutions in China
Dec. 18, 2019, authored by Michael Davidson

Through knowledge we gain understanding
Dec. 16, 2019, article on Victor Shih

U.S. Uighur Bill's Threat to Surveillance Economy Puts China on Offensive
Dec. 5, 2019, Victor Shih quoted in The New York Times

Driven by Realities of Climate Change, Composer Lei Liang Receives Classical Music’s Top Honor
Dec. 2, 2019, article on Lei Liang 


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