China Deploys Propaganda Machine to Defend Move Against Hong Kong
May 23, 2020 Susan Shirk quoted in New York Times

Commentary: Synergy between Asia and America will be essential after the pandemic ends
May 20, 2020, Samuel Tsoi of the 21st Century China Center authored opinion in the San Diego Union-Tribune

Pandemic edges U.S. and China closer to confrontation
May 14, 2020, Susan Shirk quoted in Bloomberg News

The "new Cold War" started in Beijing
May 13, 2020, Victor Shih quoted in Axios

In Coronavirus War Of Words With The U.S., China Pulls No Punches
May 11, 2020, Susan Shirk quoted on NPR

China Says It Contained COVID-19. Now It Fights To Control The Story
May 7, 2020, Susan Shirk quoted on NPR

Global Backlash Builds Against China Over Coronavirus
May 3, 2020, Susan Shirk quoted in The New York Times


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