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Expert interviews with faculty and non-resident scholars.


Didi and China’s Data Regulation
Professor Lizhi Liu discusses Chinese tech firms' relationship with the state and geopolitics as well as China's ongoing approach toward data regulation.


Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry on China’s Future in the Region Following U.S. Military Withdrawal [Exclusive Interview]
Karl Eikenberry discusses the U.S. withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan and how this decision will impact China.


A New Era of Chinese Technology and Innovation
Tai Ming Cheung delves into Chinese technology and innovation in the new era.


U.S. Bans on TikTok and WeChat: Legal and Policy Issues [Video]
Susan Shirk joins experts legal experts to discuss the controversy from the perspective of constitutional law, data privacy, cyber security and the U.S.-China technological.


The Changing Political Views of Chinese Students in the U.S.
Yiqing Xu discusses the effects of the pandemic and U.S.-China tensions on the political views of Chinese students in the U.S.


COVID-19’s Impact on Chinese Consumer Behavior and Business Strategy
David Michael discusses China’s stimulus package and how the pandemic affects the long term productivity, trade and domestic spending


A Dangerous Moment in U.S.-China Relations
Susan Shirk and Erin Carter discuss the domestic drivers to China's posture towards the U.S. and the impact of the U.S. elections on bilateral relations


Bloomberg New Economy Conversations: Risks of U.S.-China ‘Decoupling’ [Video]
Susan Shirk, Kevin Rudd, Cui Tiankai and Mikko Huotari on what it will take to rebuild trust between the two superpowers at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum


Hong Kong’s National Security Law and the Fear of the Unknown
Victor Shih and Kwai Ng discuss the new law’s impact on Hong Kong’s civil society, political stability, economic competitiveness


China policy and the American presidency [Audio]
Susan Shirk and Barry Naughton share how they would advise the future occupant of the Oval Office on the Sinica podcast


Military modernization in Xi Jinping’s China [Audio]
Tai Ming Cheung discusses Beijing’s long march to technological self-reliance on the Sinica podcast


Censored: How China uses deterrence, distraction, and dilution to control its internet [Audio]
Molly Roberts discusses her book that examines how internet censorship impacts Chinese internet users on the Sinica podcast


Susan Shirk on Xi Jinping’s Overreach
Susan Shirk speaks with The Wire China on the consequences of Xi Jiping’s personalistic rule


U.S.-China Ties Have Become 'Extremely Hostile,' Former Official Says
Susan Shirk speaks with Bloomberg Asia about the tensions between the U.S. and China


Global Coronavirus Challenge Calls for U.S.-China Cooperation
Susan Shirk, Barry Naughton, Steph Haggard and Victor Shih explain what’s at stake


Decoding the Hong Kong protests and more
Ruixue Jia sheds light on economic development in China and the potential impacts of current protests in Hong Kong