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Policy impact is an important aim of the 21st Century China Center. Toward that end, the Center performs critical policy analysis and organizes policy dialogues to deepen our understanding of dynamic changes inside China and in U.S.-China relations.

Special Reports

  • China as a Transatlantic Challenge

    China as a Transatlantic Challenge

    This report is the outgrowth of a symposium that brought together 43 of America’s and Europe’s top China experts to identify areas of common interest and divergence across the Atlantic.

Policy Analysis

  • China’s Credit Conundrum

    China’s Credit Conundrum

    Interviewed by Robert Brenner, Victor Shih discusses the one-off factors that enabled China’s rise as workshop of the world and its subsequent dependence on state credit as driver of growth. Contradictions between the conditions for political and financial stability, as the Xi regime superintends an unsteady slowdown.