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Affiliated Faculty

The center is supported by affiliated scholars from the School and UC San Diego who carry out important research on China and actively participate in projects and initiatives.

  • Peter Cowhey

    Peter Cowhey

    Dean Emeritus and Qualcomm Chair Emeritus, UC San Diego
  • Joshua Graff Zivin

    Joshua Graff Zivin

    Professor; Pacific Economic Cooperation Chair in International Economic Relations; Director, Cowhey Center on Global Transformation, UC San Diego
  • Stephan Haggard

    Stephan Haggard

    Lawrence and Sallye Krause Distinguished Professor of Korea-Pacific Studies; Director, Korea-Pacific Program
    School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego
  • Gail Heyman

    Gail Heyman

    Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, UC San Diego

  • Megumi Naoi

    Megumi Naoi

    Associate Professor of Political Science, UC San Diego
  •  David Victor

    David Victor

    Professor; Peter Cowhey Center for Global Transformation Chair in Innovation and Public Policy; Director, Deep Decarbonization Initiative, , UC San Diego