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With the largest cluster of scholars focusing on contemporary China in the U.S., the 21st Century China Center is an important hub for policy research, education and outreach on contemporary China.

  • Tai Ming Cheung

    Tai Ming Cheung

    Director, Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation
    Professor, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Michael Davidson

    Michael Davidson

    Assistant Professor, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Harris Doshay

    Harris Doshay

    Assistant Director, Research and Writing, 21st Century China Program, GPS
  • Karl Gerth

    Karl Gerth

    Hwei-Chih and Julia Hsiu Professor of History, UC San Diego; Director, Chinese Studies Program
  • Lei Guang

    Lei Guang

    So Family Executive Director of the 21st Century China Center, GPS UC San Diego
  • Jade d’Alpoim Guedes

    Jade d’Alpoim Guedes

    Associate Professor of Anthropology, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and UC San Diego
  • Ruixue Jia

    Ruixue Jia

    Associate Professor of Economics; ​Co-director, China Data Lab, School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego
  • Ping-hui Liao

    Ping-hui Liao

    Professor of Literary and Critical Studies and Chuan Lyu Endowed Chair in Taiwan Studies, UC San Diego
  • Lei Liang

    Lei Liang

    Professor of Music, UC San Diego
  • Richard Madsen

    Richard Madsen

    Director, Fudan-UC Center on Contemporary China
    Distinguished Professor of Sociology, UC San Diego
  • David Michael

    David Michael

    Professor of Practice, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Micah Muscolino

    Micah Muscolino

    Professor and Paul G. Pickowicz Endowed Chair in Modern Chinese History, UC San Diego
  • Barry Naughton

    Barry Naughton

    So Kwan Lok Professor of Chinese International Affairs, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Kwai Ng

    Kwai Ng

    Professor, Chair of Sociology Department, UC San Diego
  • Paul Pickowicz

    Paul Pickowicz

    Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History and Chinese Studies, UC San Diego
  • Margaret Roberts

    Margaret Roberts

    Professor, Department of Political Science and Halıcıo˘glu Data Science Institute, UC San Diego
    Co-director, China Data Lab, 21st Century China Center
  • Kuiyi Shen

    Kuiyi Shen

    Professor of Art History, UC San Diego
  • Victor Shih

    Victor Shih

    Director, 21st Century China Center
    Ho Miu Lam Chair in China and Pacific Relations, Associate Professor of Political Science, GPS, UC San Diego

  • Susan Shirk

    Susan Shirk

    Director Emeritus, 21st Century China Center, GPS, UC San Diego
    Research Professor, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Weiyi Shi

    Weiyi Shi

    Assistant Professor, GPS, UC San Diego
  • Yang (Young) Yang

    Yang (Young) Yang

    Research Data Analyst, 21st Century China Center and China Data Lab, GPS, UC San Diego