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China Forum public talk with crowd

UC San Diego Forum on U.S.-China Relations

The relationship between the United States and China is the most important, difficult and vital bilateral relationship in the world today. Given the rapid changes taking place in U.S.-China relations, the question of how to preserve a foundation for cooperation between the two nations while also competing with each other has never been more urgent.

The UC San Diego Forum on U.S.-China Relations will convene on a regular basis for broad-minded strategic discussions on the relationship among leaders in various sectors of American society. It is co-chaired by Stephen Hadley, Susan Shirk and Charlene Barshefsky, three veteran policymakers and students of China, and attended by thought leaders from a broad spectrum of backgrounds.

We believe that managing this complex and fraught relationship requires a whole-of-society approach, beyond just government-to-government relations.

Thank You

Thank you to our faculty and researchers, our generous donors, Asia Society Center on U.S.-China Relations, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York for their ongoing support and partnership.


The forum was held in Washington, D.C. from Jan. 30–31, 2024 in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations. It focused on the theme of how both the U.S. and PRC governments are taking measures to stabilize relations. The forum featured over 75 top policymakers, business leaders and esteemed scholars to share knowledge and shape the trajectory of U.S.-China policy. The forum was by invitation only.

In a public talk as part of the forum, national security adviser Jake Sullivan spoke with Stephen J. Hadley, forum co-chair and board member of the Council on Foreign Relations, about the U.S. approach to sustaining an effective China strategy. The talk drew around 200 attendees in person and thousands who streamed live online.

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Remarks by Jake Sullivan

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