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Your Support Shapes a Shared Future

In the 21st Century, two nations will play pivotal roles in shaping a global future: China and the U.S. When you make a gift to support the 21st Century China Center at GPS, you help influence this future as well.

Your gift will:

  • Advance research on contemporary China

  • Forge partnerships and foster collaboration

  • Prepare the next generation of experts

  • Connect communities in China and the U.S.

Your gifts help build a world-class center of research and engagement where timely and in-depth analysis is used to address critical policy issues. The center is where renowned scholars and leaders from both countries come together to find solutions to practical and diplomatic challenges as well as explore exciting opportunities for cooperation.

For information on making a gift to the center, please contact the center director Lei Guang. Thank you.

Center Founders

The founders provided the initial funding and they continue to support and advocate for the center today. They share a common vision of the importance of deepening public knowledge and understanding of China, anchored in the original research on China's domestic evolution and its international engagement.

Rita and Richard Atkinson
April and Lowell Blankfort
Colene and Harold Brown
Gail Kee and Javade Chaudhri
Lixin Cheng
James Ding
Gail and Jeff Donahue
Diana Lady and J. Lynn Dougan
Andrew Duncan and Bess Weatherman
Daphne and James Jameson
Mitchell Julis
Susan and Dee Lew
Zhong Yuan Li
Lily and Shao-Chi Lin
Peggy and Peter Preuss
Cassidy and Jeremiah “Jere” Robins
Cathy and Larry Robinson
Margaret and Neal Schmale
Marion and Kwan So
Hong Huan Gai and Junling Sun
Carolyn and Malcolm Hewitt Wiener
Vivian Lim and Joseph Wong
Thelma and Herbert Yuen
Charles Zhang
Charlie and Ling Zhang

Leadership Circle

Members give substantial gifts to the center to support new initiatives and sustain its operations. They are committed to promoting a constructive relationship between the U.S. and China.

Jean and Rajesh Parekh
Wayne Rong
Karen and Edward Tian
Louis Tseng
Yiru Zhou

Institutional Partners

Current Donors

Donors include UC San Diego alumni and community members who provide monetary gift to support all center activities.

David An
Andrea and John Bell
Jeffrey S. Bennett
Portia Bibb
Nicholas B. Binkley
Constance Mullin and Lewis Branscomb
Mary K. Chandler
Marjorie F. Coburn
Elaine S. Darwin
Martha and Edward Dennis
Alice and Douglas Diamond
Kristen and David Druker
Susan Duboc
David Duca
Barbara Enberg
Phyllis and Daniel Epstein
Micah B. Fisher-Kirshner
Deborah Friedlaender
Joy Frieman
Andres Gentry
Cynthia and Tom Goodman
Leigh and Stanford Hartman
Warren Heenan
Gordon R. Knight
Ken Kuang
Anni and Arthur Lipper
Yi and Yang Liu
Deborah and Michael Morrison
Anne Otterson
Hua Pan
Sharon and Dean Peng
Susan Shirk and Samuel Popkin
Ivan Shin
Melesse and Robert Traylor
Blake Tye
Dongmei Wang
Huirong Xie and Wei Wang
Dongrui Lu and Ping Wei
Abby and Ray Weiss
Armi and Albert Williams
Elizabeth G. Taft
Qiuqing Tai
Min Wu and Yingzhi Ding
Rachel York
Huirong Xie
Gavin and Susan Zau
Li Zheng and Fan Yang

2023 Highlights

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