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Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Patrick J. Chester

    Patrick J. Chester

    Patrick Chester is a postdoctoral researcher at the China Data Lab at UC San Diego. He received his Ph.D. in political science from New York University. His dissertation demonstrates a new method to measure propaganda using word embeddings and applies it towards determining whether a specific rhetorical strategy is being employed by Chinese state media. His research focuses on quantifying how China and other autocracies utilize propaganda in traditional and social media by applying text as data and machine learning tools towards the measurement of political science concepts.
  • Michael Thompson-Brusstar

    Michael Thompson-Brusstar

    Michael Thompson-Brusstar is a postdoctoral fellow at 21CCC and received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Michigan. His research focuses on the evolution of China's administrative and legal systems, with a special focus on the politics of bureaucracy and the use of political text to study policy change. His published work has focused on the relationship between the party and state in China, the changing role of China's public prosecutor, and the politics of administrative supervision. His current projects focus on the role of study teams in international policy learning, the role of organizational policy in China's reform era political-economy, and on validating large-scale digitization processes for historical text data.
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    Ming Wei

    Ming Wei's research interests focus on electricity markets, low-carbon transitions, green finance, and financial econometrics. Previously, he worked as a research fellow at the Fintech Center of Zhejiang Lab, where he explored the interplay between green finance and decarbonization. Ming holds a Ph.D. from Macquarie Business School in Australia. His dissertation investigates the renewable transformation of electricity markets in changing environmental environments.