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The mission of the 21st Century China Center is to produce and disseminate impactful evidence-based research about China, and to enhance U.S.-China relations by advancing scholarly collaboration, convening policy discussions, and actively communicating with policy makers and the general public in both countries.


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China Data Lab

Using data to drive the frontiers of research on Chinese politics, economy and society

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We perform critical policy analysis and organize dialogues to deepen our understanding of dynamic changes inside China and in U.S.-China relations

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Our experts provide thought leadership on China’s development, politics and society

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Screenshot of the Wall Street Journal op-ed "The Danger of Exaggerating China’s Technological Prowess"

Susan Shirk and Peter Cowhey write in The Wall Street Journal about the danger of exaggerating China’s technological prowess [PDF]

China Telecom 5G sign in a Chinese public square

Tai Ming Cheung delves into Chinese technology and innovation in the new era

Title slide of the video discussion with Ho-fung Hung

Craig Allen examines the difficult trade-offs that the Biden Administration faces to ensure balanced and effective China policy

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