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The mission of the 21st Century China Center is to produce and disseminate impactful evidence-based research about China, and to enhance U.S.-China relations by advancing scholarly collaboration, convening policy discussions, and actively communicating with policy makers and the general public in both countries.


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China Data Lab

Using data to drive the frontiers of research on Chinese politics, economy and society

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We perform critical policy analysis and organize dialogues to deepen our understanding of dynamic changes inside China and in U.S.-China relations

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Our experts provide thought leadership on China’s development, politics and society

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Image of mobile apps and TikTok

Susan Shirk and panel discuss legal and policy implications of U.S. bans on TikTok and WeChat

Chinese students dressed for graduation

Research from Yiqing Xu and Jennifer Pan sheds light on the political views of Chinese students in the U.S.

Title slide of the video interview with Judith Shapiro and Yifei Li on their new book “China Goes Green”

Micah Muscolino interviews Judith Shapiro and Yifei Li on their new book “China Goes Green”

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