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News and Announcements

Trump’s Vow To End Military Drills With Seoul Stuns Region
June 12, 2018, Tai Ming Cheung and Stephan Haggard featured on KPBS Midday Edition

America May Need to Adopt China's Weapons to Win Tech War
June 5, 2018, Peter Cowhey quoted in Bloomberg

Trump's Backtracking on Chinese Tariffs Prompts Hope and Despair
May 21, 2018, Victor Shih quoted in Bloomberg

The Party, The Pig, and The Penguin: Grip Tightens on China’s Tech Sector
May 7, 2018, Tai Ming Cheung quoted in China Digital Times

Chinese-American Elites Lament a Brewing Trade War
May 6, 2018, Susan Shirk quoted in Wired

Xi Tightens His Grip, and China’s Tech Giants Feel the Squeeze
May 2, 2018, Tai Ming Cheung quoted in The New York Times 

Turning Back: China's Governance U-Turn under Xi Jinping
May 1, 2018, article authored by Susan Shirk in Power 3.0

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