News and Announcements

Susan Shirk interviewed on PBS NewsHour: Could the climate deal be a turning point for improved U.S.-China relations? 

Susan Shirk quoted on "new ideological cold war" in Christian Science Monitor: "China targets 'hostile foreign forces' in crescendo of accusations"

Karl Gerth in Osher UCSD Distinguished Lecture Series: “Do We Want China To Be More Like Us?”

Victor Shih interviewed for China Daily: "Victor Shih: Student of China's inner workings"

Barry Naughton in China Leadership Monitor: "It’s All in the Execution: Struggling with the Reform Agenda"

UC San Diego Department of History alumni publish book paying tribute to China scholars Paul Pickowicz and Joe Esherick: “Visualizing Modern China: Image, History, and Memory, 1750 – Present”

Susan Shirk interviewed for Background Briefing: "How Hard Will China Crack Down on Hong Kong Protests?"

Dean Cowhey and Susan Shirk featured in China Daily: "A family businss on US-China relations"