News and Announcements

Lei Guang, Jude Blanchette, Jack Zhang write article for China Focus blog, “Former Secretary of Defense Harold Brown on the US-China Relationship – Part 1 of an Exclusive Interview.”

Susan Shirk interviewed on On Point with Tom Ashbrook, "The Business Of Chinese-American Relations."

Susan Shirk quoted in article for The Sydney Morning Herald, "Barack Obama promises tough action on China cyber attacks."

Junjie Zhang, Joanna Lewis, Li Shuo, Angel Hsu and Barbara A. Finamore write article for ChinaFile, "What Would New Breakthroughs on Climate Change Mean for the U.S.-China Relationship?"

Susan Shirk writes article in The Wall Street Journal, "Tension Before the Talks." (subscription required)

Victor Shih quoted in The Wall Street Journal, "U.S. Strains Mount After China Devalues Yuan."

Susan Shirk quoted in article for The San Diego Union Tribune, "Atomic bomb's lingering consequences."

Melanie Hart ’10 and Angela Luh ’15 on Center for American Progress, “Chinese Direct Investment in the U.S. Energy Economy.”

Yanmei Xie, Andrew S. Erickson, Susan Shirk and Jerome A. Cohen write article for ChinaFile, "Did the Game Just Change in the South China Sea? (And What Should the U.S. Do About It?)"

Susan Shirk interviewed with CCTV about U.S. defense chief's comments (video)

Susan Shirk featured as part of a panel in the Atlantic Exchange: Spotlight on China (video)