China 21 podcast

China 21 is a podcast about China’s economy, politics, society and their implications for international affairs, hosted by the 21st Century China Center at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy. Subscribe to China 21 on SoundcloudStitcher, iTunesGoogle Play or use our RSS feed to add us to your favorite podcast app.

China's Investment Outlook - Andy Rothman & Victor Shih

Andy Rothman speaks with Victor Shih on the opportunities and volatility of investing in the People's Republic and the outlook on China's impact on global economic growth. 

U.S.-China Symbiosis - Joe Tsai & Susan Shirk

Alibaba’s Joe Tsai speaks with Susan Shirk in front of a live audience in a wide-ranging conversation about current trade disputes, security concerns, technological competition, and the innovation and collaboration capacity for U.S. and China.

Unlikely Partners On the Cruise To Reform - Julian Gewirtz

In the critical period of China’s opening in the 1980s, Chinese policymakers invited Western economists to learn and debate the way forward for China, and that’s the subject of fascinating research by Julian Gewirtz in his book “Unlikely Partners: Chinese Reformers, Western Economists, and the Making of Global China”.

Trade Disputes - Victor Shih, Natalia Ramondo, Barry Naughton

GPS professors Natalia Ramondo, Barry Naughton and Victor Shih discuss the current threat of tariffs by both countries, and implications on multilateral trade norms, the effectiveness of Chinese industrial policy and American innovation strategy.

Soul of a Superpower - Ian Johnson & Richard Madsen

Ian Johnson joins Richard Madsen to discusses how today’s Chinese Communist Party is striving for a national set of values, and how ordinary Chinese are seeking for deeper meaning in their lives, and the lessons for the rest of the world in this global populist moment.

Ballasting the US-China Relationship - John Pomfret & Paul Pickowicz

Paul Pickowicz interviews acclaimed author John Pomfret about patterns in the long history of US-China relations, and how it informs the controversies in the current moment of Sino-American relations.

Xi Without Limits - Victor Shih, Susan Shirk, Barry Naughton, Lei Guang

21st Century China Center faculty reflect on Sunday's announcement by Chinese Communist Party to end term limits on the presidency, clearing the way for President Xi Jinping to stay in power indefinitely.