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Season 3

Mobilizing Without the Masses - Diana Fu

Diana Fu describes the evolution of activism, citizenship and civil society in China, and how NGOs engage in unconventional mobilization under authoritarian rule, based on her research on migrant workers and labor organizations.

U.S.-China Rivalry Roils Asia - Daniel Russel

Stephan Haggard speaks with Daniel Russel, Vice President of International Security and Diplomacy at the Asia Society Policy Institute, about the intensifying U.S.-China rivalry that is ushering in new dynamic in the Asia Pacific region. 

Will China Save the Planet? - Barbara Finamore

Barbara Finamore, who founded the National Resource Defense Council’s China program, discusses with China Focus editor-in-chief Charlie Vest about China’s clean energy sectors, domestic environmental activism and its push to develop renewable energy infrastructure abroad.

AI, 5G, and the Race for Tech Supremacy - Elsa Kania

Elsa Kania discusses the potential and concerns of cutting-edge technologies that are underpinning the competition between the U.S. and China, especially in the race towards supremacy in AI and 5G - and describes what healthy U.S.-China competition can look like going forward.

China's Investment Outlook - Andy Rothman & Victor Shih

Andy Rothman speaks with Victor Shih on the opportunities and volatility of investing in the People's Republic and the outlook on China's impact on global economic growth. 

U.S.-China Symbiosis - Joe Tsai & Susan Shirk

Alibaba’s Joe Tsai speaks with Susan Shirk in front of a live audience in a wide-ranging conversation about current trade disputes, security concerns, technological competition, and the innovation and collaboration capacity for U.S. and China.