The 21st Century China Center generously thanks the following donors who have contributed to the program since its founding.

David An
Andrea and John Bell
Jeffrey S. Bennett
Portia Bibb
Nicholas B. Binkley
Constance Mullin and Lewis Branscomb
Mary K. Chandler
Marjorie F. Coburn
Elaine S. Darwin
Martha and Edward Dennis
David Duca
Barbara Enberg
Phyllis and Daniel Epstein
Micah B. Fisher-Kirshner
Deborah Friedlaender
Joy Frieman
Andres Gentry
Cynthia and Tom Goodman
Leigh and Stanford Hartman
Warren Heenan
Gordon R. Knight
Ken Kuang
Anni and Arthur Lipper
Yi and Yang Liu
Deborah and Michael Morrison
Anne Otterson
Hua Pan
Jean and Rajesh Parekh
Marina and Rafael Pastor
Sharon and Dean Peng
Wayne Rong
Susan Shirk and Samuel Popkin
Ivan Shin
Melesse and Robert Traylor
Blake Tye
Dongmei Wang
Huirong Xie and Wei Wang
Dongrui Lu and Ping Wei
Abby and Ray Weiss
Armi and Albert Williams
Elizabeth G. Taft
Qiuqing Tai
Karen and Edward Tian
Louis Tseng
Min Wu and Yingzhi Ding
Rachel York
Huirong Xie
Gavin and Susan Zau
Li Zheng and Fan Yang

Donor Spotlight

Marion and Kwan So

Kwan Marion

On the walls of Kwan So's La Jolla office hang framed photographs of a younger Kwan and his wife, Marion, shaking hands with Deng Xiaoping, China's paramount leader at the time. The occasion was a 1980 cross-cultural conference on laser technology in Beijing; among the earliest meetings between defrosting world powers.

A native of China, Kwan was an American citizen when the photo was snapped—a moment that captures his identity, his passion, and his philanthropic guidestar: "I had always wanted to do something to help the U.S. and China to understand each other."

From the School's earliest years in the late 1980s, Marion and Kwan were drawn to GPS and understood the potential for and importance of the academic mission: to help build a Pacific community by creating ideas, training leaders, and providing networks.

In 1992, Kwan joined the newly formed GPS International Advisory Board and in 1997, furthered their passion by establishing the Sokwanlok Chair in Chinese International Affairs at GPS. For more than a decade, Barry Naughton has used his endowed chair to mentor students and support research.

In 2007, they established a second endowment and Susan Shirk was honored as the first holder of the Ho Miu Lam Endowed Chair in China and Pacific Relations. In 2016, Marion and Kwan received UC San Diego’s coveted Chancellor’s Medal, one of the highest honors given by the university.

Today, Marion and Kwan recognize the importance of the creation of the 21st Century China Center in realizing their philanthropic passion of fostering greater U.S. and China understanding. UC San Diego and GPS praise Marion and Kwan's vision and are deeply grateful for their guidance and perseverance. 

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