Ruixue Jia

Assistant Professor of Economics, GPS, UC San Diego

Ruixue Jia received her Ph.D. from the Institute for International Economic Studies at Stockholm University. Her current research revolves around two themes: using organizational theory to understand the incentives of politicians and their impacts on growth, the environment and workplace safety; and investigating the importance of historical events that have implications for current economic development. Her latest paper, “Political Selection in China: Complementary Roles of Connections and Performance,” was published in the Journal of the European Economic Association.

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“Weather Shocks, Sweet Potatoes and Peasant Revolts in Historical China,” The Economic Journal

“The Legacies of Forced Freedom: China’s Treaty Ports,” Review of Economics and Statistics (forthcoming)

Working Papers

“Social Mobility and Revolution: The Impact of the Abolition of China’s Civil Service Exam,”
with Ying Bai

“Ethnicity in Children and Mixed Marriages: Theory and Evidence from China,” with Torsten Persson

“Red Capitalism: Cadre Parents and Entrepreneurial Children in China,” with Xiaohuan Lan