Affiliated Scholars

The center is supported by scholars from the School and UC San Diego who carry out important research on China and actively participate in projects and activities.

Peter Cowhey
Interim Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Dean and Qualcomm Endowed Chair in Communications and Technology Policy
UC San Diego
Cowhey is an authority on the future of communications and information technology markets and policy, specializing in U.S. trade policy, foreign policy, the Internet, global biological threats, international corporate strategy and the microfinance industry to alleviate poverty. He serves on a binational experts group appointed by the U.S. and Chinese governments to research and guide innovation policy. 

Joshua Graff Zivin
Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs
School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego
Graff Zivin’s research focuses on the relationship between the environment, health and human capital, as well as the economics of innovation, with an eye toward the role of institutions and the design of health interventions and their economic impacts. Among his recent projects is a study on how pollution affects worker productivity in China. 

Stephan Haggard
Lawrence and Sallye Krause Professor of Korea-Pacific Studies; Director, Korea-Pacific Program
School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego
Haggard analyzes current developments in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly the Korean Peninsula, and on the politics of economic reform and globalization. His recent work focuses on North Korea's cross-border integration with China and South Korea. 

Gordon Hanson
Acting Dean and Pacific Economic Cooperation Chair in International Economic Relations; Director, Center on Global Transformation
School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego
Hanson specializes in the economics of international trade, international migration and foreign direct investment. His current research addresses how trade with China has affected the U.S. labor market, the consequences of skilled immigration for the U.S. economy and the long-run determinants of comparative advantage.

Megumi Naoi
Assistant Professor of Political Science
UC San Diego

Naoi’s research, which hones in on the politics of trade in East Asia, bridges the international and comparative political economy. She studies how politicians and citizens respond to globalization, how political institutions shape the behavior of interest groups and how multilateralism affects domestic politics. Her current work addresses how government campaigns shape firms’ positions on globalization in China.

David Victor
Professor; Co-director, Laboratory on International Law and Regulation
School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego

Victor is a standout academic on energy and climate change policy. His research focuses on highly regulated industries and how regulation affects the operation of major energy markets. Victor’s current work regards climate diplomacy, including U.S.-China interaction regarding energy security and climate change.

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