China 21 podcast

China 21 is a podcast about China’s economy, politics, society and their implications for international affairs. Each episode features expert insights and conversations recorded at UC San Diego’s Studio Ten 300 and hosted by the 21st Century China Center at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy. Subscribe to China 21 on SoundcloudStitcher, iTunesGoogle Play or use our RSS feed to add us to your favorite podcast app.

Xi Without Limits – Victor Shih, Susan Shirk, Barry Naughton, Lei Guang

21st Century China Center faculty reflect on Sunday's announcement by Chinese Communist Party to end term limits on the presidency, clearing the way for President Xi Jinping to stay in power indefinitely.

China's Political Order – Francis Fukuyama & Barry Naughton

Francis Fukuyama and Barry Naughton trace the origins of the Chinese state, its historic economic modernization, and how the current Xi Jinping era is challenging assumptions and theories about political order and decay.

American Grand Strategy in Asia – Stephan Haggard & Michael Green

Stephan Haggard interviews Michael Green on the president's visit to Asia and how it reflects the recurring themes in the long arc of American strategic thinking.

Left, Right, Middle Kingdom: Ideology in China – Jennifer Pan & Yiqing Xu

Scholars Jennifer Pan & Yiqing Xu discussed their paper on “China’s Ideological Spectrum,” which has generated widespread acclaim and discussion.

China's News Media - Wang Shuo

Caixin's Managing Editor Wang Shuo 王烁 describes the challenge for investigative journalists in China in the context of a changing media landscape and state control of information.