China 21 podcast

China 21 is a podcast about China’s economy, politics, society and their implications for international affairs. Each episode features expert insights and conversations recorded at UC San Diego’s Studio Ten 300 and hosted by the 21st Century China Center at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy. Subscribe to China 21 on SoundcloudStitcher, iTunesGoogle Play or use our RSS feed to add us to your favorite podcast app.

US-China Trade – Gordon Hanson & Charlene Barshefsky

Gordon Hanson and Charlene Barshefsky discuss China’s commitments and market reforms since joining the WTO and the path ahead in the trade relationship between the world’s two biggest economies.

Trump & China - Bipartisan Policy Recommendations with Susan Shirk and Winston Lord

Two China policy veterans: Prof. Susan Shirk and Amb. Winston Lord are members of a high-level bipartisan task force that launched a report on US Policy Toward China. They offer an overview of the comprehensive list of issues covered in the report, and discuss the priorities that the 45th President must address in his first year.

Make America & China Laugh Again - Jesse Appell

Intercultural comedian Jesse Appell, founder of US-China Comedy Center in Beijing, shares his fun and educational journey of learning what makes Chinese people laugh, and bridging cultural gaps with humor.

China’s Green Leap Forward - Julio Friedmann & David Victor

Dr. Julio Friedmann unpacks the environmental and energy challenges in China - the world’s largest energy user, largest emitter, largest market and largest cleantech enterprise. Interview is followed by excerpt from conversation with Dr. David Victor

U.S.-China Relations After Obama: Looking Ahead with Melanie Hart

Dr. Melanie Hart reviews America's foreign policy towards China in the last eight years, and looks ahead to opportunities and challenges in US-China Relations in light of constructive milestones and the US presidential elections.