Summer Youth Program 2017

U.S.-China Future Leaders Summer Program

July 15 – Aug. 4, 2018

Based at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS), this unique summer program for Chinese and American students is designed and run by the School’s 21st Century China Center and Global Leadership Institute. It is led by award-winning high school teacher Kristen Druker who pioneered the simulation platform that provides a one-of-a-kind educational experience in international affairs.

“2017年中美未来领袖夏校”由世界名校圣地亚哥加州大学国际政策与战略学院举办,该院二十一世纪中国研究中心与全球领导力培训中心组织举行。我们延请具有丰富高中教学经验的教师Kristen Druker负责课程设计和协调,她在当地著名私校Bishop’s学校任教期间,开发了美国高中学生学习国际关系使用的模拟教育平台,并因此获奖。

As high school students, you will participate in game-based role-playing focused on four global challenges that concern the U.S. and China. Through guided readings, discussion and team negotiations you will produce an action plan that emphasizes common-ground partnerships. The summer program is designed to foster problem-solving and decision-making skills, critical thinking about global policy issues and diplomacy and conflict resolution techniques.


Program at a Glance 夏校项目一览

  • Teams of Chinese and American students living on campus 中国和美国学生居住在校园里
  • Game-based approach to tackling global issues 模拟教育方法来解决全球问题
  • Simulation of negotiation on key policies in U.S.-China relations 美中关系中的关键政策谈判
  • Taught by award-winning teachers from the U.S. 来自美国的获奖教师授课
  • Lectures by world-renowned scholars 世界知名学者讲座
  • Visits to world-class lab and research institutions 访问一流的实验室和研究机构
  • Official transcript certifying one pre-collegiate credit from UC San Diego 一个大学学分成绩单


  • High school 9-12th grade students from China and the U.S.
  • High proficiency in English 具备很强的英语听说读写能力,在课堂上能够自如地用英语交流
  • For American students, Chinese language is not required  
  • Valid health insurance 必须购有健康保险

Contact a representative at for additional details. 详情请联系二十一世纪中国研究中心代表,

Program and Curriculum 夏校项目和课程安排

The program tackles four critical issues of global importance. During the interactive game play you will learn about the latest scientific research and discoveries that have promoted innovation and influenced global policy decisions in one of the four focus areas: climate change, clean energy, artificial intelligence and infectious disease.


All participants will receive an official transcript certifying one pre-collegiate credit from UC San Diego. 圣地亚哥加州大学将为每位夏校学生颁发正式成绩单。

Part of the programming includes site visits to scientific institutes including: 夏校将安排参观圣地亚哥加州大学著名科研机构,包括

  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the oldest and largest ocean and Earth science research center Scripps海洋研究学院,美国最大、历史最悠久的海洋和地球科学研究机构,尤其在环境和大气变化领域位列前沿
  • Salk Institute for Biological Studies, a top research institute in biological sciences Salk生命科学研究所,全球生命科学界顶尖研究机构
  • Jacobs School of Engineering, largest and strongest engineering school in the entire UC system Jacobs工程学院,加州大学系统最大最强之工学院
  • Qualcomm Institute, one of the four technology institutes in the UC system to devote to multidisciplinary research and technological innovation 高通研究院,加州大学系统致力于跨学科研究和技术创新的四所科技中心之一。
  • San Diego Supercomputer Center, one of the nation’s first supercomputer centers and a leader in data-intensive computing and cyber infrastructure 圣地亚哥超级计算机中心,美国第一所超级计算机中心,在数据分析和网络基础设施方面处全球领先地位。

Impact 成果

Participant surveys were conducted before and after the program to determine what effects it had on the attitudes and behavior of the participants. Overall, the results showed more favorable attitudes toward the counterpart nation, and increased interest in peaceful cooperation between the two countries on a range of global policy issues. Additionally, students developed increased confidence in their problem solving and conflict resolution skills, and in their cross-cultural communication and critical thinking abilities. Focus group reflections showed students value most their interactions with other students, especially those from their counterpart country.

在夏校之前和之后进行学生调查,以确定它对学生的态度和行为有什么影响。 总体而言,结果显示对对方国家更有利的态度,以及两国在一系列全球政策问题上对和平合作的兴趣增加。 此外,参与者对他们的解决问题和冲突解决技能以及他们的跨文化交流和批判性思维能力增强了信心。 焦点小组表明学生特别重视与对方国家的同学关系 。

Fun Adventures 寓教于乐

Participate and attend social activities and special events that will make your experience unforgettable, including team-building adventures offered by UC San Diego Challenge Course, a visit to Birch Aquarium, beach party and Old Town San Diego.


Instructors 授课教师

Kristen Druker is an award-winning high school teacher and founder of Peaceconferencing, a game-based educational experience for youth supported by a simulation platform. She won the Golden Bell Award from the California School Boards Association for innovative curriculum and was honored as one of the first California State Mentor Teachers. 

Kristen Druker是青少年国际问题模拟软件的开发者。她是圣地亚哥知名高中的获奖教师,曾荣获加州联合校区委员会”金铃“奖,并当选为首批加州优秀辅导老师。

Guest lectures will be provided by the following renowned scholars from UC San Diego such as 圣地亚哥加州大学国际政策与战略学院的知名学者教授将客座授课包括:

  • Professor Susan Shirk is Chair of 21st Century China Center at UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy and former deputy assistant secretary of state responsible for U.S. policy toward China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mongolia in 1997-2000. 二十一世纪中国研究中心学术主任、美国负责东亚事务前助理副国务卿谢淑丽教授
  • Professor Gordon McCord is an economist who works at the intersection of development economics, public health and the environment. Gordon McCord副教授的研究领域包括发展经济学、全球公共卫生和环境问题   

Application and Deadline 如何申请

The application deadline is April 9. Applications will be considered through May 31, contingent on space availability.

To apply for the Summer 2018 program, please fill out the form.  For questions, please contact Samuel Tsoi.


Promoting U.S.-China Cooperation in Global Affairs

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GPS’s 21st Century China Center, in partnership with the Global Leadership Institute, hosted high school students on campus for its annual U.S.-China Future Leaders Summer Program

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Madison Malowney

“Through the U.S.-China Future Leaders Program, I learned leadership and speech skills, how to peacefully negotiate and gained a global perspective. This program is truly an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, learning and life-long friends.
– Madison Malowney, The Netherlands

Jiemin Chai

It was eye-opening to learn about US-China collaborations, and discover new ways to understand global policy.
– Jiemin Chai, junior, New York City

Xiyi Li

It made me more confident in communications and problem solving, which really helps me prepare for college.
– Xiya Li, senior, San Diego/Shanghai

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